International Dinner Project: USA (Sam’s choice)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

USA Dinner

Samuel enjoying his South West omelette and Root Beer Float.

So, we’ve instigated international food night at home to try to get the kids to try new things. They get to pick a country, and Jocelyn and I pick a meal from that country to cook. Typical Sam, thought he was being smart and chose the US for tomorrow’s dinner – thinking he would be getting McDonald’s hot dogs or hamburgers… haha – fat chance buddy – I saw that coming… first up: Denver Omelette with sides, and Root Beer Float for dessert. Ryan’s country next week…

Well that worked well. Sam loved his Denver Omelette, Ryan said “I not like it” when we were preparing it – but once he tasted it “I like that AND that!” Plates were emptied. Sam and Jocelyn liked their Root Beer Floats, Ryan… played it safe and had a normal ice-cream cone.

And so it begins – quite like the Root Beer float myself too!


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