International Dinner Project: Czech Republic (Executive override, Dad’s choice)

Czech Republic

Another family affair – Mum and Dad, loved the cuisine in Prague when they were there, so they got the invite this weekend.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

While Sam’s choice of Japan was next on the cards, my sister (our resident Japanese expert was at a hen’s night – so we postponed Japan night until after Christmas /  New Year’s). Since my parents were free that weekend we decided to choose one of their favourite european places and hold Czech Repuplic night instead.
This one was really going to be a test of the boys openness to new food styles, (Ryan once said to me quietly – “Daddy, what if we choose a country that only eats potatoes?” – haha Ireland came to mind, he’s obviously not a big potato fan – I told him we’d cross that bridge when we came to it – there’s a few potatoes in this dish).

Mum and Dad loved their meals in Prague, so we tried to recreate the food and invited them over.

I was really impressed, Sam and Ryan both finished off their helpings, and Sam asked for more Cabushka. Turned out well, everyone enjoyed their meals, I’ve got one more Bramboracky for breakfast in the morning. For desert I made 16 Kolachky, and they were decimated with only 3 remaining – so I’ll go as far as to say they were popular.

I’ve got soo much poppy seed filling and honeyed walnut filling left over we’ll be making this a few more times in the coming weeks…


Tonight’s menu



Bramboracky – Savoury Potato Pancakes

Cabushka/Kapusta – Warm Bacon and salted cabbage salad


Kolachky Sweet Poppy seed and honeyed walnut pastries


Next week: Sam’s choice – Japan!

For real this time – promise!


4 thoughts on “International Dinner Project: Czech Republic (Executive override, Dad’s choice)

  1. Hello, I’m from the Czech Republic. It’s nice to see such a interest in another cultures. As for your menu, frankly, I’ve never heard about “cabushka”. It isn’t really Czech recipe. It sound more Russian then Czech… Bramboráky (or bramboráčky) is traditional Czech recipe. As well as koláče (koláčky). However, traditional koláče are round. It’s because the word “koláče” comes from another Czech word “kolo”, which means “round”. So the pastry you baked shoud be rather called šátečky (“kerchiefs”).

    • Hello Matyas, thanks for your feedback. I think the Cabushka name lost a little in the translation, I had a recipe from a woman who’s grandmother was Czech and all the women in the family made this dish, but with regional variations. Cabushka was her best recollection of the name – and I found a couple of other sites calling it similar so in an effort to give it a czech name I called it Cabushka, would love to know what the correct name is for it though… I think she may have been trying to say Kapusta… And yes I see now that a google search of koláčky images does show the majority of them round with only about 10% the way I folded them… always learning! And that’s a good thing! Thanks for your comments

      • Ah yes, so it is probably a family recipe, maybye from another part of the Czech Republic. Cabushka may be derived from “Kapusta”. It means “kale” in Czech or “cabbage” in other Slavic languages (Polish, Slovak, Russian etc.) – we were always different 😀 As I wrote, traditional koláčky are round. However, whatever sweet pastry is called koláčky here sometimes… Anyway I am really glad you cooked Czech dishes because a lot of people even do not know where the Czech Rep. is! Your project is very interesting and I am looking foward the next post.

      • Thanks. My parents loved the Czech Republic when they went to Europe which is one of the reasons we invited them for dinner that night. They had a cabbage soup that they remembered well, so it was my mission to find a Czech cabbage soup recipe for them!! THank you for all your lovely comments, it really is great to get feedback.

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