International Dinner Project: Japan (Sam’s choice)


It was a banquet, with two couples preparing the dishes - however we didn't quite discuss the amount we were cooking - just as well Mum and Dad were free too!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

First International Night for the New Year! It’s quite an ordeal to find free weekends to get out family together everyone’s so busy.

Our resident Japanese experts Mel and Jono were invited over, but pretty early on in the preparation we realised we were cooking far too much for 4 adults and two kids to eat – so Mum and Dad got the ” Please join us for dinner we’ve made too much” phone call.


Tonight’s Menu

Nibbles to keep the kids happy while we finished preparing:
Lotus root chips, Dried wasabi Peas and Shrimp flavoured corn chips

Miso – soup with tofu, shiitake mushrooms and finely diced radish for starters.

Salmon and tamago nigiri – rice oblongs topped with either tamago (grilled egg omelette) or raw salmon 
OkonomiyakiJapanese pancake, batter is made of flour, yams, egg – Mel and Jono will have to comment on what else was in it
Takoyaki, sans tako Tako meaning octopus, but Mel’s veg only, so this was more a Vegeyaki I guess – they disappeared quick!
Standard style sushi – salmon, avocado, carrots, cucumber and vege stylz radish, feta, pineapple, carrot and cucumber
Hiyashi Chuka – not pictured because I was too hungry –  Lime Crab and Ginger Soba noodle salad

Cream Anmitsu  small cubes of agar jelly, in a sugar syrup and fruit juice, with a variety of diced fruit, vanilla icecream, anko (sweet red bean paste), and mochi (small rice cakes).

And lastly mainly for the kids – although I didn’t get a single one so some adults must have had a couple Pocky (biscuit-type straws covered in chocolate)


I’m full – off to bed I think….


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