International Dinner Project: Mexico (Ryan’s choice)


Ryan, would've just kept eating Churros all night if we'd let him, Sam as well - Churro-eating machines the two of them!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ryan’s choice tonight, he was not keen on the guacamole (even though I said it was his favourite colour) but the Mexican-style salad: sliced lettuce, salt and vinegar went down no problem and after two bites of the quesadillas he was asking if we could have it again, so far the concept is working well.

Churros turned out okay, had trouble finding a large icing piping nib, so they turned out a little more poopy looking, but the kids loved ’em, surprisingly Sam liked them even more than doughnut-crazy Ryan.

But still a hit…


Next week: Sam’s Choice – England – ‘cor blimey Gov!


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