International Dinner Project: Samoa (Ryan’s choice)


A big family affair tonight – Samoan stylz!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Another successful international night. We invited our Samoa experts (my brother Greg,and sister-in-law Tina) over for authenticity, and some Samoan language.
Surprise of surprises Ryan was up for it tonight – he had some Oka, and gave a thumbs up (literally) to the Raw fish in particular.
Taisi Moa was great! Kumara, banana and coconut go great together.
Pre-dessert Masi Popo disappeared and was especially popular with all the boys – from 24 biscuits we only had 6 left at the end.
And the panikeke disappeared too with the resident experts having double helpings (and a triple helping of the oka – not naming anyone….)
Is really great to see the boys trying new food, without any coaxing now – and that’s what international night was all about…
Tonight’s menu:
OkaRaw fish and coconut soup/salad
Taisi MoaCoconut Chicken, Kumara and Banana casserole
Masi Samoa / Masi Popotypically Samoan – 3″ square coconut shortbread biscuits – very popular in this house!
Masi Samoa/Masi Popo Recipe
PanikekeBanana doughnut balls, topped with icing sugar
  • Next Week: Samuel’s pick for next dinner: Japan….
Thanks Greg and Tina for your company – was a great night!

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