International Dinner Project: Madagascar (Sam’s choice)


Very fresh and clean tastes. Sam and Ryan liked the idea of sitting on the floor to eat dinner.

Saturday, 12 February 2012

It was interesting researching this one – I knew very little about Madagascar before I started other than what happened in the Pixar movie. Know I know a little bit more than a little….

Koba Akondro
Steamed Banana and Peanut Cakes
While I quite like them (I’m having one now) I think the texture and look put the boys off. Ryan wouldn’t try one, Sam tried, but wasn’t to keen he didn’t really have enough to taste the subtle sweetness of the honey.
New rating system!
Sam’s rating 5/10

Lasary Voatabia Tomato and Spring Onion Salad
Akoho sy Sakamalo Chicken with Ginger and Rice
The chicken is marinated then seared, then boiled in water and spices for 30 minutes and everyone loved it, “we’ll be having that again” as it was really simple to make. Likewise with the salad, Joss loved it, Ryan polished his off too and it’s very similar to a mexican salad I make, except this one has the added bonus of tobasco.
Sam and Ryan’s rating: 10/10

Salady VoankazoFruit Salad with Lychees
Cantaloupe and Pineapple as well as a few other things, and a rather different, heavily vanilla and lemon syrup – quite different, but very nice. Sam was pretty full by this stage, so only managed half, Ryan’s not a big fan of fruit, but managed a few mouthfuls.
Sam’s rating: 9/10

Another successful dinner which I think we’ll be using again in the future the flavour of that chicken was stunning. Explanation of the table (or lack thereof setting) Apparently traditionally Madagascan meals are eaten on the floor on a yellow mat, as yellow expresses friendliness (hence the $2 store yellow crepe paper).

Wonder what country Ryan’s going to choose next… I’ll hand him the globe tomorrow.


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