International Dinner Project: Russia (Ryan’s choice)


Chocolate Jelly was the talk between the boys for the whole week leading up to tonight - it didn't disappoint. But I think I may prefer the borscht!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


ENTREE: Borscht
Basically a nice and chunky tomato/beet based vegetable soup thickened with mashed potato. Borscht is a pretty well known russian cuisine, and I can see why, I wish I hadn’t halved the recipe, I could have that more often – still there was a little left for lunch tomorrow. But I might add that one to the list to make again. Ryan gave it two thumbs up and wanted my double ladle helping, we thought he’d be better off with the small single ladle – and he polished it off.
Ryan’s score: 10/10
Sam’s score: 5/10 (he’s not big on tomatoes)

MAINS: Pelmeni and Olivier Salad (Russian Salad)
Pelmeni are minced pork dumplings, and Olivier Salad is pretty much what I know as potato salad, Sam finished his Pelmeni pretty much before I had finished serving, and Ryan was starting to get tired (caught him yawning) and had some hang up about the smell of something, so only ate the salad.
Ryan’s Score: 0/10 and 0/10
Sam’s Score: 10/10 and 5/10
(Sam had these after school the next couple of days as well he likes the Pelmeni so much)

DESSERT: Шоколадное желе (Chocolate Jelly)
This one has been looked forward to since Tuesday when we found the recipe… Ryan couldn’t wait to have it… he talked about it constantly – “Are we have Chocolate Jelly tonight?” Turns out is was a little richer than they are used to – but man… it was nice… I’d used my 70% cocoa chocolate as it said to use a dark chocolate and maybe that was a little strong for them. Ryan insisted it had coffee in it, and Sam said it was too chocolatey, that said they did eat it no problem they just couldn’t finish it (no wonder Ryan filled up on Borscht). So I have left overs to have with my coffee tonight – or maybe tomorrow night…
Ryan’s Score: 9/10
Sam’s Score: 9/10


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