Sam picks his country – dinner #12

Next time I record the dinner choice – I’ll remember to turn The Wiggles off on the TV, it was on to keep little Ethan happy, but as you can probably hear at the end it didn’t work too well – welcome to life with 3 boys!

So, Sam has picked a tricky one this week, a quick look around the web throws up Caribou and raw whale blubber as options, hrmmm… with New Zealand’s stance on whaling I think we’ll give that one a miss, but I’ve read venison would be an acceptable substitute for Caribou – which I’m almost positive you can’t get here – but we’ll see… looking forward to Saturday now!

A challenge, I like it!


6 thoughts on “Sam picks his country – dinner #12

  1. Great idea! I loved the Indonesian one as I moved from London, to Indonesia 5 months ago. Having had 5 children of my own and one step-daughter, I know only too well the perils of getting children to eat different things. Can’t wait to see how Greenland turns out!

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