Greenlandic shopping list (minus the whale skin, seals and caribou)

It’s a lovely sunny day here, you’d hardly know it was summer (our summer has been mostly rain this year, with some sun sprinkled in occasionally to raise our hopes).

It’s a good day to fill this Greenlandic Shopping list I made last night.

Whale skin

Venison (phew… reindeer substitute)
Pearled Barley
Wild Mushrooms
Grand Marnier (now we’re talking!)

and the rest we luckily have in our pantry – just as well you can’t buy Whale meat here, the last thing I need is Lucy Lawless and the rest of Greenpeace blocking my driveway.


2 thoughts on “Greenlandic shopping list (minus the whale skin, seals and caribou)

    • Hi Peach Farm… not quite – the whale meal is basically raw whale skin and blubber (availibility aside), if I could get my children to eat that the dinner time battle would have been won I think, but since that meal is basically only whale I don’t think I could substitute anything for it… so I opted for the soup that could have either, Reindeer, Seal, or whale as the meat, and opted for the deer – hence the venison on the list.
      Halibut apparently is only occasionally available down here in New Zealand, and today when I rang, it wasn’t. 😦 So a subsititute….)

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