Coincidence and male listening skills…

I’m a male – so genetically listening is not my strong point (let’s go for genetics rather than bad listening skills, okay?) – however if I had listened – then, as my parents and my wife pointed out to me this morning I would have known my sister is currently hosting two exchange students (I’m not that bad a listener! I knew that! And I knew one was from China, and the other from Japan).

What I didn’t know specifically was – Ruhan is actually from Outer Mongolia, so, I may either get some inside information for this weekend’s dinner, or we’ll have my sister, fiancé and the students over for dinner –  better check with them first I guess!

This would be the real acid test for our International Dinner Project’s authenticity I guess…


7 thoughts on “Coincidence and male listening skills…

  1. I think this is a huge stroke of luck! Ruhan may very well be the answer to your culinary prayers this Saturday. Is there anything written in the International Dinners Handbook that states catergorically that you may not use outside help?

    I think you are on to a winner here, snap Ruhan up. I’m sure he’d be delighted to be part of Mongolian dinner night and give you some tips. Good luck and look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Turns out Ruhan doesn’t rate the quality of tea we get here to make Suutei Tsai (Milk Tea), so she’ll be bringing her own special blend and making it for us – one less thing for me to make I guess… off to the Asian Supermarket for Sichuan Pepper and Star Anise (yeah you can get that at the normal supermarket – but since I’ll be there already…)

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