Ryan picks his country – Dinner #13

I have a sneaky suspicion Ryan was secretly eyeing up his country while I was setting up the camera, because he didn’t take long to pick it. He looks a little self conscious in front of the camera… but it could just as easily be bemusement.

After we’d gone upstairs to tell everyone which country Ryan had chosen, he turned to me and said “I like it because of the Golia.” He likes the sound of the end of the word – I like the way he thinks!

Well they’re not making it easy for me this month after Greenland – but I’ve had a brief look and there’s some interesting dishes that I think the kids might be into.

Bring it on!


11 thoughts on “Ryan picks his country – Dinner #13

  1. I am really amazed at such creative idea! What an awesome way to make children eat food..! 😉 Especially getting them to taste different varieties! Perhaps I should tell my mom about this when I get back home 😀

  2. Fantastic idea! Maybe I can offer some quick advice an expat currently living in Mongolia’s capital. I’m going to assume a sheep’s head feast is off the menu (definitely is for me) and suggest making buuz, khoshuur and bing.

    Buuz is a simple meat dumpling. Usually they make it with mutton, but beef tastes much better. Khoshuur is like a breaded and fried meat patty. Bing is probably the most versatile. (Most recipes will tell you that it’s Chinese in origin but it’s actually Mongolian!) Flour and water, oil, a few folds, and that’s it. You can put whatever you want in it, from chives to garlic to cinnamon sugar. As far as the proportions for the dough goes, don’t try asking a Mongolian because they measure everything by eye, and get it spot on every time! I can give you a full recipe if you want.

    Generally, healthy Mongolian meals are hard to come by. The country still clings to its nomadic roots and subsides on dairy and meat, primarily. Oh, and vodka, but we won’t go there.

    Great post! Happy cooking!

    • If you’ve got a full recipe that’d be great, I’ve found a few you tube videos on making it as well – but a recipe coming all the way from Mongolia would make Ryan’s day – you should have seen his eyes go wide when I said Ruhan was from Mongolia, then he instantly said “We have to invite her”

    • Thank you!
      I’m about to start preparation of the meal, just finishing roasting some anise, seechwan pepper spiced peanuts…
      Might start on this right now in fact – thank you so much, I’ll be giving you and Bayasaa a big shout out when I post tomorrow night…

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