Fijian Menu planned

After a lot of researching I think I’ve nailed down our Fijian Dinner menu.

I’ve got a fresh fruit entrée (it’s still summery here, so I should be able to still get the tropical fruits). So fruit should go down okay with the boys, at least with a choice of a few they can pick their favourites.

Mains is a rather interesting dish involving kumara (sweet potato) and pineapple. Ryan loves pineapple on his pizzas, so I’m hoping this one being a slightly sweet (I’m guessing) will go down well with the boys as well. Might even see if I can swing some half coconuts for them to drink out of – they’ll get a kick out of that. There was also Kokoda as a mains option (a Fijian version of my favourite Samoan dish, Oka), but we’re trying to different food each time and they’re basically identical.

The dessert I’ll leave as a surprise, it’s something I’ve never heard of before, and has an interesting cooking and presentation, and I’m pretty sure the kids will be wanting seconds and thirds. There was the option of Gulgula which looks suspiciously like Samoan Panikeke (so they’d be guaranteed to like that, but we’re trying to get them to try different/different foods).

No really difficult ingredients here, they’re all readily available – I might see if I can find cassava though – that’s a vegetable I haven’t seen before.

Final touch (for the adults) Kava, I’ve ordered some powder to make Kava the drink from, but by looking at their website who knows how long it’ll take to get here, I think it may be on island time.

Thanks for stopping by, photos to come over the weekend.


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