The more things change… the more they stay the same.

What’s that? Easter already?

It just so happens we’ll be having a family dinner with my wife’s side of the family, and everyone was quite keen on an International Dinner, so, given that my wife’s parents came here from Holland in their early 20s, I’ve made the Executive Override Decision this week (Ryan will get his choice next week), and we’ll be having a Dutch dinner on Sunday. I cleared it with the boys first – they’ve gotta be onboard after all.

So sorry, no video this week of choosing the country, but we’ll be in for some authentic Dutch cooking from Tonnie, our guest cook this week, I’ve already started on baking some Speculaas cookies tonight, but I’ve got a lineup of traditional dishes I never had when we were in Holland – well apart from the renowned dessert – had that multiple times, so I’m sure the kids will be into that!

Some dropje (a salty licorice), and some Dutch beer – not that Heineken stuff though… 😉

Bring on the easter eggs, and International Dinner!


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