International Dinner Project: Brazil (Sam’s choice)


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Brazil night! It almost didn’t happen tonight, we had a late night last night helping my parents move into their new home, then the first game of the soccer season early this morning for Ryan, and straight after, karate for Sam and I. By the time we had, had lunch it was 1 o’clock.

I had promised Sam earlier in the week that we could go to the beach to investigate the rock pools, but that required low tide, which just happened to be at 1pm, which didn’t leave much time to shop and cook dinner for 5.30pm. Because I’d had a busy week with work I hadn’t finished researching my dishes.

I did have two semi-finalised, but sat down with Sam to choose the last one, before we went to the beach. As part of our beach mission, I told the boys we needed to seach for some crab, clam or scallop shells for one of our dishes tonight, if we could get the shopping finished straight after we might have enough time.

Well we searched, found a cave, sea anenomes, lava flow rocks, rocks full of iron and lots of sand, but no shells so we’d have to make do with boring old kitchen dishes as bowls instead.

The beach

But enough beach… on with the dinner!

Casquinha De Siri (Stuffed Crab Shells)

We did our best to find crab shells at the beach today, or at the very least clam or scallop shells, but we had no luck, so glass dishes it was.

This dish is sautéed onion and crabmeat, with tomatoes, coconut milk, topped with parmesan and breadcrumbs. Very tasty, and because of the crab meat, quite a sweet entree. The tomatoes added a nice acidity to the dish though, Jocelyn and I had seconds.

Sam was quite keen on this one and had a good sized helping, Ryan is all about textures at the moment, and while he did try a mouthful, he wasn’t keen on the texture of it. Being crab, slimy would be his description.

Sam’s rating: 10/10

Brazilian Savoury Meat CrepesSam with his dinner


Panquecas (Pancakes)

As part of getting the boys more involved in the choosing of the dishes, Sam sat with me while we looked for a main meal. We went past a lot of stews that he wasn’t keen on, but when he saw crepes/pancakes he said “That one.”

I made sure he knew these were savoury pancakes with meat inside, and he was cool with that – so crepes it was!

Quite a simple recipe, but with the herbs added to the meat a nice flavourful combination, the kids were keen to have it again. Now, while I say they were quite keen on it – let me clarify.

Ryan, liked his, but I had to pick the “grass” out of the sauce on top, which was no problem. And Sam, as you might be able to see in the photo, scraped all the sauce off his, he’s just not a sauce man – whereas I had to give Ryan some more sauce when he still had meat but no sauce left… amazing how brothers can be so opposite!

Both boys had seconds and thirds of this, so we might try a chicken version next time and see how we go.

Sam’s Rating: 10/10 – Not to be outdone Ryan gave it 100/10

Sweet Coconut bake


Cocada de Forno (literally Oven Coconut)

We still had a whole coconut left over from our Fiji Dinner Night, so this while looking quite delicious, was a no brainer (I didn’t wan’t the coconut to go off before I could use it). Store-bought dessicated coconut, has got nothing on freshly grated coconut!

So once again I found myself draining milk from a coconut (which I used almost all of in the entree). Then Sam cracked it open on the concrete (first try!) And I removed he meat so we could grate/shred it.

Another simple dish to make, which we left baking while we ate dinner.

Served with vanilla icecream (it was going to be a blended papaya icream mix (Creme de Papaya) – but it was getting late and we thought we’ll make that another night, as the boys had a late night the previous night). Man was it delicious, the smell when I opened the oven, sweet and coconutty.

Unfortunately Ryan, has had enough coconut lately it seems, and only wanted the icecream, and Sam tried it – but preferred only the icecream as well – which was fine it meant more for us (I had to eat the extra one I’d dished up) But I’ve learnt my lesson for the next few weeks at least – “Cool it with the coconut”. So let’s hope they choose a less equatorial country next week!

Dad’s Rating: 10/10 😉

All in all I was pretty pleased with their eating this week – and yet again – no leftovers – well a bit of dessert – but I’ll deal to that tomorrow!


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