Canadian ingredients in New Zealand

Being both British Commonwealth countries I thought we’d be able to find most of the things we need for our Canada Dinner, and luckily our local supermarket did stock authentic Canadian Imported Maple Syrup (instead of that fake stuff we normally have) albeit at a premium price.

We always used to call it Maple Syrple when we were growing up, actually I still do… the kids think I’m weird – but that’s par for the course 🙂

Cheese curds on the other hand aren’t easy to come by, luckily I found out how to make them from scratch, and my small test today, worked well, so I’ll be able to go full-scale curding for an iconic Canadian snack.

Graham Crackers are another thing that is just not available over here, but after a bit of internet trawling, I’ve found the name of their New Zealand equivalent – so we’re away…

The more I discover about Canadian cuisine, the more I’m surprised the whole country hasn’t died of a heart attack, there’s an awful lot of fat and sugar in everything… must be a sure sign it’s all going to taste really good!

And the boys are looking forward to the Beaver Tails…. shopping list is being written up – supermarket expedition is pending with the ever energetic young Ryan!


3 thoughts on “Canadian ingredients in New Zealand

  1. There are definitely a lot of heavy and fatty foods in the Canadian diet! Luckily the trend is moving away from those, but yes… some of our best “treats” are heart attacks on a plate! French Canadian food is the worst for that… gravies, sauces, potatoes… basic foods, but heavy on the calories and carbs! I’m Canadian, so if you have any questions I’d be happy to lend a hand! I’m excited to see what you guys create!
    PS: An FYI on why Maple Syrup is so expensive. It takes approximately 40L of sap from maple trees boiled down to make a liter or so of the sweet syrup! I always wondered why it was so expensive even for us to buy, and my brother bought acreage with maple trees, and made his own syrup last year. Now I know why! LOL Thought you might find that interesting.

  2. Thanks for the comment, what the boys know of Maple Syrup they’ve learnt from Nickelodeon Cartoons, so a tap (faucet) stuck in a tree is firmly in their minds! I didn’t know it had to be boiled down that much – wow! I was also reading about a New Zealand woman growing saffron, just this morning in the national paper – that is a labour intensive spice – which explains why it’s so expensive – maple syrup is positively cheap in comparison! 🙂

  3. Whenever I think of Canadian foods, maple syrup is always the perfect accompaniment. Maybe it’s just cause I’m biased and I love maple syrup bacon but either way, your cheese curd recipe has got me intrigued…

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