After a brief hiatus – Sam chooses his country

Apologies, we were offline for a week while Ryan got over his illness, which involved a rush trip to hospital, and we thought we’d have a rest last weekend as we were all worn out. Ryan is fine now, and as cheeky as ever. And this week Sam has some fun picking a country, it seems as we eliminate countries they take longer to choose, so I’ve taken the liberty of editing this one a little shorter, so you don’t have to sit through what I did!


5 thoughts on “After a brief hiatus – Sam chooses his country

  1. I have great recipes for Kung Pao Chicken and Sesame Noodles. I think the kids would like both selections. Let me know if you need them. Enjoy your meal.

    • Thanks. Yes he’s back to normal – no fun seeing a normally vibrant kid, lying on the couch, moaning and too weak to reach the water right in front of him (he’s terrible when he’s sick – I pity his future wife) Then when we thought we was improving he started screaming in pain – and then GP suspected a twisted bowel we were a little worried, you don’t want your bowel bursting…

      But all is well – when we told him Sam had chosen China he came up to me afterward, and said in a sad voice “Sam’s choosed (sic) China but Daddy, I don’t like Sushi” I told him not to worry, sushi was Japanese… and China had yummy things…

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