Štanglice: A Serbian appetizer (recipe)

Štanglice (Salt sticks)

Well it seems this weekend just gone that we were just too busy to have our Serbian dinner, so we have had to delay it until this weekend, which is fine because it gives our vanilla sugar time to mature in flavor.

On Saturday when we thought we were going to have enough time to have the dinner, Sam and I made a Serbian appetizer call Štanglice (literally “sticks”). I wasn’t too sure how these were going to turn out looking at the recipe – which was quite simple and straight forward, I thought these would be rather heavy.

Nevertheless Sam helped me measure out all the ingredients, and we mixed them through then Sam handed the kneading of the dough over to me (not his cup of tea) and I kneaded away then left it to rise. Let’s just say it didn’t rise all that much, but enough that we could continue.

So we rolled out the dough until it was about 10mm thick (just over 1/3 of an inch) and sliced it up into finger width pieces, then we brushed them with a whisked egg and oil mixture and liberally sprinkled cumin seeds over them.

Then off into the oven they went until cooked, nicely golden and crisp.

While the recipe looked simple and unimpressive, I can honestly say I’ve been munching on these snacks all week – just as well the recipe makes quite a few!

Sam took some to school in his lunch, and showed them to the Serbian boy in his class.

Might just be making these again – not sure how impressed my doctor would be with the salt though… my tastebuds were impressed though!

Štanglice Recipe

350g flour
2-3 tsp salt
100g butter
130ml milk
3/4 tsp sugar
3 tsp yeast
1 egg for coating
1 Tbsp oil
Cumin seeds

Warm the milk, add yeast mixing through, add the sugar and 1 Tablespoon of the flour. Let it stand in a warm place.

Meanwhile mix the salt (2-3 tsp) through the rest of the flour, and rub in the slightly softened butter by hand until thoroughly mixed. Once the yeast mixture is a little frothy mix that slowly into the flower until a dough forms. Then knead thoroughly to remove all air bubbles and the dough is a nice consistent smooth texture.

Now put the dough in a light oiled bowl, cover with a wet tea towel or plastic wrap and leave somewhere warm to rise (give it 30 minutes to an hour).

Knock it back, and split it into two parts. Roll one part out, flat. Now fold it into thirds, and roll it out again, then fold it into thirds the other way and roll out into a circle again until about 10mm (just over 1/3 inch thick). Now slice up into finger width sticks about 100mm (3 inches) long. Repear with the other half of the dough.

Lay them on baking paper on an over tray, and brush with the egg/oil mixture that’s been whisked together.

Sprinkle liberally with cumin seeds and put into a preheated over at 170˚C (340˚F) for about 25-30 minutes. You may need to turn the tray to avoid the sticks at the back getting overly dark.

At about 25 minutes take one stick out let it cool a little, and snap it, what you’re looking for in a nice firm snap, so that they are rather dry inside.

Enjoy! I know we did!


4 thoughts on “Štanglice: A Serbian appetizer (recipe)

  1. i’ve been wanting to make salty sticks for some time but never found a recipe that would convince me…
    last week as i stepped into this recipe, i decided to give it a try! not sorry for my decision!
    i divided the dough in 5 parts and mixed in different seeds and spices! huge success! 🙂

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