International Dinner #38 Germany! Nom nom nom brezel!

Germany Dinner

Saturday, 19 January 2013

There were so many things we could have cooked for Germany International Dinner Night, that narrowing down the list was the hard part. Since this isn’t just a journey for the boys I tried to choose some dishes that I hadn’t tried before as well – that way it would be just as much an experience for us as it was for the boys!

On with the meal…

Apfel Zwiebel Suppe Brezel - German PretzelBrezel (Pretzel)Brezel (Pretzel)

Apfel Zwiebel Suppe (Apple Onion Soup)
Brezel – Large Soft Pretzel

So, first up tonight is an onion and apple soup, I’ve recently had the pleaseure of trying the German Apple Cider Vinegar beverage, and thought this may be a similar variation on that them looking at the ingredients – in flavour at least.

And I wasn’t wrong the soup is cooked long enough to take the kick out of the onion, and it has a nice acidic bite that made it quite refreshing, the recipe is here, as you’ll see a lot of apple juice in this one… it’s gotta be good for you right? But is did need some bread to offset that acidity…

Now, I know the kids aren’t big on soups, which is why I had a more child friendly back-up plan for the entree, Brezel (large soft pretzels)!

You can’t go wrong with pretzels! Everyone loves pretzels! I have made bagels before (not so far for this dinner project, but in the past) and I was under the impressions that pretzels are made in a similar way… I was wrong and right at the same time… Quite simple to make, then need to rise twice so you have to make them early, and then they get a lye bath (but in the interests of not chemically burning myself or the boys – we did a more child-friendly baking soda bath) and then baked them until golden – and it worked a treat – so much so, that we made them again the next week. They were a big hit… in fact I’m kind of craving them again… maybe a project for this weekend…

I will add that true-to-form – Ryan had to have his without salt on top… he just doesn’t like grains or seeds, or little things on top of his food, won’t eat strawberries because of the seeds.

Sam’s rating: 10/10
Ryan’s rating:
Sam’s rating: Infinity/Infinity
Ryan’s rating:

Semmelknoedel - Bread Dumplings Jägerschnitzel and Bratkartoffeln

Sauerkraut (had to have sauerkraut!)
Bratkartofflen (Cottage Potatoes)
Jägerschnitzel with mushroom sauce
Semmelknoedel (Bread dumplings)

Do you see what I mean about being spoilt for choice with German dishes, I couldn’t choose just one or two, there’s four there… but they all go well together. I thought the bread dumplings would be something very different, they were a hit with the adults, and perfect for sopping up the extra mushroom sauce. The boys had the schnitzel, but refused the sauce, mainly because of their aversion to mushrooms, but the rule is that they have to have one taste of everything, which they diligently did. So they had potatoes and bare schnitzel, and a taste of sauerkraut… and took some convincing to believe that it was cabbage – because it tasted so different.

The potatoes, cooked with bacon, onion, marjoram and caraway seeds very good, and the dumplings used similar ingredients so paired well, they were different from what we are used to – but just as moreish. And sauerkraut is – well it’s sauerkraut – you can’t have a German meal without it – it’s iconic!

So at least the potatoes and the schnitzel was a hit with the boys from this course 2 out of 4 ain’t too bad!

Sam’s rating: 3/10
Ryan’s rating:
Sam’s rating: 8/10
Ryan’s rating:
Jägerschnitzel with mushroom sauce: 
Sam’s rating: 8/10
Ryan’s rating:
Sam’s rating: 5/10
Ryan’s rating:

Zucker ZwiebakZucker Zwiebak

Zucker Zwiebak (Sugar Twice Baked – Rusk)

This is a dessert with a difference. This one was either going to be hit or miss with the kids… mildly sweet similar to biscotti I guess, but a bit more bread like. Now I said it would be hit or miss, I just underestimated how much of a hit it would be – and not just with the kids, the adults too – we couldn’t stop nibbling on them, which is just as well, because I accidentally made far too much – well not in the end, because we ate them all, but they were four tins full of these things, I forgot to halve the recipe!

It’s a mildly sweet, then sprinkled lightly with sugar and like their name, they are twice baked to really dry them out and give them a solid crunch, good with coffee, good with tea, good by themselves, or even dunked!  Solid infinity ratings all round – I think the boys ate 8 or 9 of them each that night… I stopped counting after 5….

Sam’s rating: Infinity-X/Infinity
Ryan’s rating:

All in all a good night – and I’d like to thank my ‘sous’ chefs Jocelyn and Rachael for helping with the prep – it was a little bit too much for me to do all myself time wise…


3 thoughts on “International Dinner #38 Germany! Nom nom nom brezel!

  1. Love Ryan’s rating system! Tell me more about his 0/0 rating. Is that so disliked that it’s an instant disqualification?

    I love sauerkraut though I’ve only had it a few times. Must incorporate it into my meals somehow.

    • Haha… 0/0 means he absolutely refused to try it (his tongue touched it and that was it)… doesn’t happen too often so we let it slide… as long as he tries something else… Althought he has once in the past refused to taste something and still given it a 5/10… which I tried to explain, but he stuck by his assessment…

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