Little Ethan chooses the next country – this’ll be interesting

Ethan chooses a country I know next to nothing about…



International Dinner #40 Sam gets a surprise when I let on what this country eats…

This time Sam comes prepared with his country choice planned out.

International Dinner #39 Silent Ethan chooses his country

Ethan was talking a mile a minute until I turned on the camera!


International Dinner #38 – Ryan is raring to go…

Ryan starts off looking like he’s going to spar with the camera, but dives in and chooses a great country to eat from – looking forward to this one!


International Dinner #37 (Sam’s choice)

Well we’ve had a bit of a hiatus from our International Dinners. We hosted Christmas Day at our house this year and getting the house ready for the whole gang took up most of our time, so our weekends were full of gardening and tidying rather than cooking and eating. And summer really kicked off in November so it was hot work, the kitchen is so much easier (most of the time) Christmas went well and we are back into the swing of work and International Dinners again, so first up Sam chooses an appropriately summery warm country…

P.S. I spelt Solomon wrong at the end of the video – please blink and don’t notice it – because I really don’t feel like re-editing and uploading the video again! 😉